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Firefly helps bridge the gap between school and home for Junior schools

We’re delighted to announce the release of our brand new Firefly for Young Learners - the safe & secure platform for Parental Engagement & Learning Continuity!

Firefly Young Learner helps extend school life beyond the classroom, connecting primary schools with families at home. In collaboration with prep schools, this purpose-built platform has been built for the needs of young pupils - including audio feedback and icon-based navigation for those that are just starting to read.



With schools now delivering remote learning - having the right platform has become even more important. During this challenging time, Firefly for Young Learners has been helping schools balance the need to keep parents updated and young children well supported. 

Bringing all their tools into one seamless environment, schools are able to manage home learning, track progress, create rich resources and engage parents whilst giving school leaders holistic visibility of teaching and learning. 

This affordable package allows schools to:

  • Simplify parent engagement & reduce pressure on teachers 
  • Support home learning effectively with easy access to resources
  • Cater to the needs of each year group through an intuitive and adaptable platform 
  • Reassure parents with ongoing visibility of children’s activities & progress

Want to find out more? We’re currently offering free access to support schools until the end of July - get in touch and see what Firefly can do for your school.

Ready to try Firefly?