Firefly, made for younger learners

Firefly is designed to support prep and primary schools, from its features and design to its cloud-hosted infrastructure, which make it the easiest to use teaching and learning tool for younger learners.

Parental communication

Talking to parents through Firefly ensures schools can lead the conversation and parents are always aware of their child’s progress and a school’s announcements or requests.

Easy to use and adapt for growing children

Firefly’s drag-and-drop simplicity enables teachers to use whichever resources they like - from videos to activity sheets - all managed in a safe, private platform. Our single sign-in eliminates issues of forgotten passwords. 

Supporting work at home

Firefly’s flexible environment lets teachers set work for all age groups and levels, from reading lists or short activities with parents, through to spelling tests and independent study for later years. Parents and their children can work together when it suits them, at their own pace.

A wealth of resources, in one place

A wide variety of resources enables teachers to cater to students with different learning abilities and allows pupils to interact with resources aimed at consolidating their learnings during the lesson. Student created e-portfolios are a great way to showcase work and capture their learning journey throughout the year (and to share with parents!).

Easy to use with fuss free single sign-in options

Share exciting content to engage learners

Schools lead the conversation with parents and get them involved  

Flexible to support different ages and learning styles

      Hosted in the cloud - Firefly does the updating so you can focus on teaching

Phone, email and Twitter support for all users

Selected integrations

We play nicely with others to deliver the best solution available to our customers.


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