Firefly, made for younger learners

Firefly Young Learner is the safe and secure platform for parent engagement and learning continuity for Junior Schools. Every day, we connect primary schools and homes, extending school life beyond the classroom.

Teachers save time and simplify home learning

Collaborate and share resources online with teachers and parents, track the progress of every pupil, and support each child’s learning effectively at home and in the classroom.

Pupils stay connected with their teachers and classmate

Help pupils stay focused on their learning with resources in one, simple to use, child-friendly platform, designed for and adaptable to all age groups.

Parents are part of the learning journey

Engage parents, sharing the latest news and school events, celebrating every child’s achievements and taking learning beyond the classroom.

School Leaders inspire the wider school community

Give school leaders the means for effective, ongoing communications, ensuring continuity of learning through an adaptable platform designed for younger families.


Child-friendly design, accessible on any device


Manage effective learning in and out of the classrooms


Lead the conversation with parents   


Flexible design supporting different ages & learning styles


Help teachers, parents & pupils work together for the best outcomes


A complete school experience platform

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Our response to COVID-19

We want to play our part and support as many schools as possible. We’re offering free access to our learning continuity and parent engagement platform until April 2021. We are proud to already be helping over 30 schools with this offer since the start of the COVID pandemic.


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We are more than just software

Be up and running in days, not weeks with our bespoke onboarding team and comprehensive technical support.