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Child-friendly design, accessible on any device

  • Integrated access to multiple 3rd party platforms

  • Immersive Reader supporting all abilities

  • Native apps for Teachers, Pupils and Parents


Manage effective learning in and out of the classroom

  • Rich, multimedia resources

  • Simple task setting and management

  • Ongoing assessment tools with integrated markbook


Lead the conversation with parents

  • Messaging, newsletters and blogs

  • Customisable forms

  • Calendars and events


Flexible design supporting different ages and learning styles

  • Adaptable, icon-based navigation

  • Customisable dashboards for different groups

  • Curated content for different users


Help teachers, parents and pupils work together for the best outcomes

  • Collaborative pages and forums

  • Video conferencing integrations

  • Rich formative feedback including rubrics, video & audio feedback


A complete school experience platform

  • Complete school experience platform

  • Individual pupil profiles for parents

  • Parent views of home learning, tasks and feedback

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