How are international schools closing the modern learning experience gap?

GEMs International School Pearl City is the first of the GEMs schools to open in Malaysia. It attracts a diverse group of students and offers a high quality education that focuses not only on academic excellence but on each student’s dreams and aspirations to give them a lifelong edge. Transformational leadership has ensured that the school maintains its exacting standards, while delivering pioneering teaching and learning in an ever evolving landscape.

In this webinar you will discover how the GEMs International School Pearl City achieves the modern learning experience and how technology amplifies their unique culture, liberates teachers and embraces the inherent messiness of education.


  • How GEMs International School Pearl City use technology to reflect their unique culture
  • Guarantee complete observability across teachers, students and parents
  • Maximise teacher collaboration and stakeholder engagement, at all times

Firefly is the Modern Learning Experience Platform, used by GEMs International School Pearl City and other leading International schools, such as Dulwich College (Singapore), and Bangkok Patana.

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