Webinar: Bringing the right tools & practices into your Microsoft Teams environment

All too often a plethora of edtech solutions can mean teachers and students become overwhelmed. Many of these tools do not work together resulting in too much time and energy being wasted switching between platforms. 

If technology is to properly support teachers, liberating them to be innovative and inspire their students, then it needs to fit into the jigsaw of great teaching. 

We are delighted to welcome Amy Downing from The Hall School who will be talking about how they use Firefly and Microsoft tools together to support teaching and learning, as well as sharing ideas and advice for schools, ready for the new academic year.

In this webinar you will discover:

  • Practical advice for managing in-class activities & collaboration using a variety of tools
  • The importance of student data at your fingertips for classroom management
  • How Firefly complements your Microsoft Teams ecosystem

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