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Why has Firefly been useful for me

I am Martina Rabrenovic, a student in year 10 at Highams Park School. At my school we use Firefly so our teachers and our students can keep education more efficient. Also being a Digital Leader, a student trusted with access to editing Firefly for my school, I find Firefly a great resource as I can pretty much use it anywhere. This is why I chose to do work experience at Firefly as it is very interesting to me.

Tasks to Organise Homework

 As a student doing my GCSEs, I have found that the organised way that Firefly presents homework is extremely useful to me. Without this I would probably do my homework wrong or even forget about it completely. Therefore I find that tasks are the most useful part for me. The way we can see which tasks are due first really does help because it just pops up on the dashboard right away and makes our lives easier.

Furthermore, teachers appreciate being able to set tasks digitally because it is quicker and is visible to students easily. Especially as technology is advancing in our society, I believe that homework should not be left out.


 We are able to see powerpoints that our teachers use on firefly when we need to go over lessons at home and if we miss lessons. This is useful for me because when I am unwell, I worry about the lessons I will miss. This helps me feel less stressed and makes me more prepared to learn.

 Also, on subjects we have links to useful websites that are relevant to the subject we are looking at. Having this helps me learn better as I can make use of all available resources. Teachers also benefit from this as they can store their powerpoints in a more organised way.

Surveys, Quizzes and Questionnaires

 On Firefly teachers can set questionnaires for students. Recently, I have been set some about the upcoming year and what activities I would like to take part in. This has been useful as it helps me be able to express my views on school activities.

Teachers love putting these quizzes on Firefly to test students on their subjects. It is good as it gets sent to the teacher and they will see the progress the students make. I love these quizzes because they are fun and they engage students in learning.

Overall, I think Firefly is amazing at keeping my homework and learning organised and I believe it is definitely the best thing for my school. I love that I can see my achievements, rewards and debts (hopefully no debts) on Firefly. 

Thanks Firefly for letting me do work experience here. It has been great!

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