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Nurturing Your School’s Mission Through Technology

The essence of your institution's identity is encapsulated within its mission. It serves as a compass guiding your endeavours, from staffing decisions to community engagement.

Every facet of your school, including its technology department, should seamlessly align with this overarching mission. In this article, we will explore three strategies to harmonise your technology department with your school's mission for strategic planning and enduring success. 

Crafting a Purposeful Technology Mission Statement 

In today’s modern age, your technology team handles more than computer repairs and Wi-Fi troubleshooting. They are architects of possibilities, shaping the educational landscape of your entire school. To effectively support your school's mission, your technology program needs a well-defined purpose. One approach to achieving this is by formulating a mission statement for your technology department. 

A technology mission statement serves as a shared beacon, guiding both your tech team and other staff members toward your core technology objectives. This statement distinguishes between daily tasks and long-term, mission-critical undertakings. For example, it illuminates how user-friendly Management Information Systems (MIS) align with your community's preferences, bridging technology with your mission. 

Key Considerations for Your Technology Mission Statement: 

  • Impact on Institutional Mission: Analyse how technology drives your school's mission. Utilise insights from your school's mission statement to outline your department's mission. 
  • Empowerment through Technology: Envision ways to enhance efficiency for students, parents, and staff. Cultivate self-sufficiency in software usage and define why this empowerment matters. 
  • Ethical Tech Guidelines: Prioritise student well-being by establishing guidelines for safe and ethical technology use, emphasising technology's positive contribution. 

“The mission of Overlake’s Technology Program is to provide technological leadership, expertise, and systems to support learning… We seek to foster the intentional use of technology to better live Overlake’s mission and values, and in doing so, to promote the lifelong skill of learning how to learn.” 

Overlake School, Redmond, WA 

Evaluating Your Technological Infrastructure 

The foundation of your technology planning and choices should harmonise with your school's mission, vision, and values. While industry trends and student engagement are relevant, considering their alignment with your institution's principles is equally vital. 

For instance, if your mission centres on preparing students for the future, embracing AI tools in classrooms could be pertinent. Or, if nurturing belonging is paramount, prioritising user-friendly platforms for parents resonates with your mission. 

“Aligning strategic planning for technology with the school’s mission provides a roadmap for the hardware, infrastructure, support posture, and academic technology focus for the school.” 

Tony Perez, ATLIS Annual Conference 

Conduct a thorough technology audit to identify friction points hindering your mission. Tackle obstacles like accessibility to school information or parent logins while advancing your mission. As your school evolves, ensure your technology infrastructure adapts to support new demands while adhering to your mission-driven approach. 

Transforming Your Tech Department's Role 

Redefining the relationship between your technology team and the wider school community is another avenue for mission-driven progress. 

Consider your Director of Technology's reporting structure. The trend of IT Directors reporting to the Head Teacher, advocated by Independent School Management (ISM), enhances the position of tech leaders as integral members of the school leadership. This inclusion fosters strategic influence, timely intervention, and seamless communication, avoiding last-minute technical hiccups. 

Mike Gwaltney of ISM emphasises, "Tech leaders must be part of the Senior Leadership meeting for holistic understanding. Regular EdTech and IT team meetings foster transparent communication, support, and reporting." 

Having your tech leaders at the forefront of decision-making ensures a smoother integration of technology into your mission, saving time, energy, and promoting a harmonious environment. 

Pursuing Your Mission with Technology 

We hope these strategies empower you to blend technology with your school's mission-driven mindset. Achieving alignment between these goals is an ongoing journey that necessitates consistent reflection and adaptation. Dedicate time weekly to assess your progress and chart a technology trajectory that serves your entire school community.

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