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Firefly Learning joins Veracross

We are delighted to announce that Firefly Learning has joined the Veracross family. As you may know, Veracross is a leading provider of cloud-based School Information Systems (SIS/ MIS) designed to meet the unique needs of independent schools. Veracross is headquartered in Wakefield, Massachusetts (a suburb of Boston), and partners with more than 1,500 primary and secondary schools around the world.

Since Firefly’s inception, we’ve wanted to maximise the impact we have on students around the world. Our belief has been that education technology solutions are too fragmented, which does not serve the needs of schools or their students and families. We’ve always known we can deliver more of what schools want with integrated solutions that deliver a seamless experience for end users. The recent acquisitions of SchoolPost and Epraise have been in service to that goal. 

We first came across Veracross through partnership and integration discussions regarding potential common clients. Since that time our founders, Simon and Joe have spent considerable time with the Veracross CEO and leadership team and we all see a very strong alignment of our company values and goals. Veracross has a very similar vision and mission to serve schools, and our markets complement one another with Firefly’s deep penetration in the UK and Veracross’ deep penetration of the US.  

Our shared vision is to improve the education experience for students, teachers, school staff, and parents. Like Firefly, Veracross is solely focused on primary and secondary schools and dedicates 100% of its product development to this market, serving schools in more than 30 countries. By joining forces, we can accelerate our collective vision on a global scale, offering highly complementary products to our customers. 

We are also excited about the value that Firefly and our customers can derive from the planned integration with Veracross which will automate processes and workflows and save educators hours of valuable time. The Veracross API synchronises data seamlessly from a school’s preferred software applications to the Veracross proprietary single-record architecture, so schools can derive unparalleled value. 

Together, Firefly and Veracross will be able to create integrated SIS/MIS and engagement products that provide schools with a uniquely connected experience. The planned integration between Firefly Learning and Veracross SIS/ MIS will empower schools to spend more time on learning and less time on manual processes. The integration will come in phases, and we estimate the first phase of the integration to be complete in the first few months of 2023. 

Firefly and Veracross are also united in their mission to enable schools to make software decisions that are right for them. Firefly will continue to integrate with other MIS/SIS providers, and Veracross will integrate with providers that provide similar offerings to Firefly. 

We are really excited about Firefly’s future with Veracross and look forward to providing schools with an even wider range of offerings that transcend traditional classroom boundaries to embrace the entire modern learning experience.  

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