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Engaging the whole school community with Firefly’s new Parent Portal

Introducing Firefly’s new Parent Portal

The world has changed and now, more than ever, learning is a team effort. Inspirational school leaders have developed strategies to deliver a unified school experience for the whole school community, bringing teachers, students and parents together to achieve better outcomes for everyone involved in the learning conversation.

To achieve this, they need a platform that understands the complete learning experience – academic, extra-curricular and pastoral – no matter where it’s taking place, online, in the classroom or out in the world. 

Such a platform has to deliver a unified parent experience, giving them what they need to support learning and manage school admin, all in one place. It must be capable of managing personalised communication with curated news and communications for each family, but crucially without adding to the burden of their already busy teachers.

Teachers, parents and school leaders need a complete overview of each student’s school experience through a single student record, providing a 360 view and pulling data from other systems the school was using.

Finally, school leaders need to be able to measure the impact of their strategy by tracking engagement across the entire school, helping them to ensure the best outcomes for teachers, students and parents alike.


To support schools in this new approach, we are excited to announce the launch of our new Parent Portal, with its new and improved functionality designed to help schools:

  • Communicate effectively
  • Manage admin effortlessly
  • Engage the whole school community


Integrate seamlessly with Microsoft Teams & Google Classroom

Our unique integration with tasks set in Microsoft Teams and Google Classroom ensures that Parents have full visibility of homework, however it is set, allowing them to better support their child’s learning beyond the classroom.

Manage events & parents’ evenings

Simplified management of ongoing communications, trips and events, along with their associated bookings and payments ensures that parents have all the information they need in one accessible space, without adding to the burden of already busy teachers.

Streamline communications

Admin processes are more efficient with academic information such as school reports, attendance and behaviour records, exam results and parents’ evenings all shared quickly and easily through Firefly.

Engage your whole parent community

Schools can engage their wider community in the complete school experience, sharing timetables and calendars, resources, and bulletins and updates, alongside newsletters and policies, all managed through a single central hub.

At Firefly we are proud to be the trusted platform for parent engagement and learning continuity, unifying the school experience for the whole school community. Our new Parent Portal provides schools with a fully integrated platform, simplifying engagement across the entire school. 


To find out more about the new Firefly Parent Portal, register for our webinar - Is it time to rethink your school & parent relationship? We will explore effective approaches for parent comms and give you a sneak peek into how our new Parent Portal can help reduce the admin workload.


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