BlogSeptember 2016

"Our approach to teaching SEND and ESOL students"

Sibford School, in Oxfordshire, is not a place that sits still – in fact, the school has got big ambitions.

Year 8 pupils recently won a special commendation in the World Book Day Award for their entry of a life-size paper tree, with each branch home to famous locations from their favourite books. Meanwhile, a group of Sixth Form students has recently returned from a trip to the US, after being invited to attend the 19th annual Quaker Youth Leadership Conference.

A co-educational day and boarding school with some 400 pupils aged between three and 18, Sibford is a mainstream school which nurtures individual talents and believes that each child is talented, each different and all valued.

The importance of proper servicing

BIG NEWS, I’ve just bought my daughter a car - VERY exciting! However, in all the excitement I have decided that I don’t really need her to learn how to drive, nor do I need to bother with all of that hassle and expense to do with servicing and maintenance. I’m sure that everything will be just fine...

I would imagine that by this point you are shaking your head at my somewhat misguided optimism. If I’m honest, it looks like a recipe for disaster, so let’s take the time to consider the thought processes we go through when buying a car.

An Interview with Lord Jim Knight - Education for Centurions

Today’s school children are set to enter an unpredictable labour market, in a rapidly changing world.

Today’s school children will be deskilled by technology and expected to reskill as market demands shift and our workplaces become increasingly globalised, Knight explained. They’ll work longer than any generation before, in jobs so diverse that many don’t even exist yet. It’s estimated a child born today will have a 50% chance of living to 105 years old.

Introducing markbooks for previous academic years

We're excited to announce that the Firefly markbook now allows you to view marks, grades, and feedback for classes from previous academic years.

All of your tasks, now in one place

We’ve built this feature to work with all old tasks, even those created before the markbook was implemented (Summer 2015).