We're different

We enjoy building software that people enjoy using. We know that's not always the experience schools have with software but we think a bit differently:

  1. Keep it simple

    Software should be intuitive so that people can get up and running quickly. We focus on getting the useful features right, rather than having every feature imaginable.

  2. Education, education, education

    Schools aren't the same as companies. We've built Firefly from the ground up as a platform for education.

  3. Teachers are busy

    Teachers already have a huge amount on their plate. We design Firefly around suggestions from teachers so it can help save time, rather than costing it.

  4. Integrate don't re-invent

    Schools already manage a huge amount of information in existing systems like their MIS. Firefly is built to integrate seamlessly with these systems. No more export and import!

  5. Not just software

    A successful intranet, VLE or learning platform requires a whole lot more than just great software. With our implementation, training and support teams we are here every step of the way to help schools make the most of Firefly.

  6. No two schools are the same

    Firefly is flexible so you can build your site to suit your school, rather than having to change your school to suit your software!