We are different

Forget traditional VLEs or LMSs that are crammed full of features teachers never use. And how frustrating is it when your favourite apps don't talk to one another? We think a bit differently.

  1. It should 'just work' for teachers, easily

    Teachers are incredibly busy and can’t afford to rely on technology that is flaky or unreliable. They also deserve tools that are quick and easy to use, and integrate with their school’s existing systems so they don’t have to duplicate work.

  2. We’re focused on schools, and only schools

    Schools aren't universities, but for some time they've had to rely on a VLE, learning platform or LMS that was typically designed for them, or use generic tools designed for enterprise. We’re completely focused on building the best online tool for primary and secondary schools (K-12). It also means thinking about how the whole school can work better together, not just building tools for individuals.

  3. More than just software

    Firefly is much more than just an app in an app store. We’re also an expert team passionate about helping schools make the most of technology for learning. That’s why we think it’s important to provide personal help with project/change management, initial training and ongoing support at the end of a phone or email.