Why Firefly?

Firefly gives teachers more time to teach, enables students to learn in ways that work best for them, and involves parents with their child’s learning every step of the way.


Give teachers more time to teach

Firefly brings together what teachers need, from timetables, lesson plans and resources, through to homework setting, tools for marking and ways to track progress. Teachers develop a one-to-one, personal learning conversation with each of their students.

At Firefly schools, how many teachers actively use Firefly?


Set and mark homework

Create homework tasks using rich resources, interactive quizzes or a wide-range of third party applications. Firefly’s deep MIS integration lets teachers quickly set tasks to their classes or even individual students. Students submit work or their follow up questions through Firefly. Teachers can then mark work in whichever way works best, such as using annotations, sending audio or video feedback, or entering a grade.

Track student and class progress

Firefly’s markbook gives teachers a complete overview of how their students and classes are developing over time. This enables teachers to easily identify students needing assistance or an extra challenge, as well as any performance blips. Firefly removes the need to input data over and over, as grades and feedback are automatically organised by task, class and student.

Manage day-to-day workload

Teachers are busy, so Firefly keeps day-to-day organisation simple. Firefly uses deep MIS integration to make sense of a teacher’s schedule, providing access to lesson plans, class lists, and their daily or weekly schedule. In turn, this information can be shared, such as to new joiners or teachers covering lessons.


Equip students to learn in ways that work for them

Firefly empowers students to work in their own way and at their own pace, with all the resources they need wherever or whenever they want them.

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Learn independently

Firefly enables students (and teachers and parents) to quickly access teaching and learning resources across an entire school or school group. Resources can be structured in whichever way works best for the curriculum or subject type, letting students easily discover the information they need.

Flip the classroom

Teachers can easily create rich resource pages, tasks, blogs or forums to flip or blend their classroom. Students can work with their peers before a lesson and engage with resources at their own pace. In turn, teachers can prepare students, check their level of comprehension and tailor their lesson plans in new ways.

Submit work in any format

Students can complete tasks online or offline, by submitting work through the Firefly for Students app, on their tablet, desktop computer or hand it in to the teacher, while always keeping track in Firefly. Plus, students can ask their teachers or fellow students questions along the way. Each iteration of work, with the teacher’s feedback, is saved and organised, making it ideal for recap or revision.


Involve parents in their child’s learning journey

Firefly keeps parents up to date with their child’s progress and enables teachers to provide parents with the resources they need to support learning outside the classroom.

How many parents want improved access to their child’s progress at school?


Engaged in their child’s learning journey

Teachers can choose which tasks or learning resources they want to share and give parents the tools they need to support their child’s learning. Parents can see the progress their child is making, without needing to wait until parents’ evening.

Effortlessly interact with the school

Firefly is parents' go-to place for school trip forms, feedback surveys and suggestions, fast-tracking any school-parent engagement.

Receive school notices and announcements

Crumpled letters in the bottom of schoolbags are a thing of the past. With Firefly, teachers and schools know that they are getting important information to parents. Teachers and schools are in control of what gets shared.

School leaders

View school-wide development and measure success

Firefly collects teaching and learning data across a school or group of schools, making it the ideal way to assess progress, and evidence the success of new policies or strategic changes.

What percentage of schools’ senior leaders lack real-time access to performance data (YouGov)?


Collect data on teaching and learning at an individual through to school-wide level

Firefly is not a traditional VLE or a single-purpose tool, but rather brings together what is used by teachers, students and parents every day. Firefly collects accurate real-time teaching and learning data automatically, without committing teachers to repetitive data entry.

Deep integration with other school systems, including MIS

Through rich MIS integration Firefly understands the relationships between teachers, students and parents. When something changes in the MIS it automatically updates in Firefly. This means Firefly is always accurately reflecting year groups, classes, sets, houses, tutors, forms, timetables, calendars and even student photos.

Report on school-wide progress and evidence success

Instantly report on school progress and use this to evidence success, for example to parents or regulatory bodies. Senior leadership can make meaningful comparisons between departments or even schools within a network, and clearly understand the success of their policies and make changes accordingly.

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