The Rules of Student Engagement

Discover techniques to boost motivation and simplify teachers’ lives. Includes a list of fun reward ideas to celebrate the successes of your students!

How do you get students to show up every day and face the challenge of learning? Part of it is down to the students’ own interest and commitment, but teachers have a significant part to play, through the energy and enthusiasm they bring to the lesson.

Research has found an important link between student engagement and learning. However, some schools can struggle to effectively recognise and reward pupils. With many schools using technology more than ever, how can we take advantage of this to engage students fully?

In our latest ebook we share useful techniques to empower students to become self-motivated learners so that they can confidently progress in their studies. Download to discover 7 best practices that will help you to:

  • Better connect with your students
  • Provide more personalised feedback effectively
  • Engage the “silent middle”
  • Keep parents in the loop

Whether you’re a teacher or school leader - this is the indispensable ebook for you.

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