Support your student’s learning, wherever they are

Firefly enables schools and teachers to deliver engaging lessons remotely, from setting tasks to sharing resources as well as manage parent communication efficiently.

Empower teachers to go beyond the classroom

Firefly’s single, central hub for learning gives teachers and students a space to work together, providing consistency of the learning experience no matter where they are.

Share teaching resources quickly and easily through Firefly pages, manage learning through tasks and assignments and track progress in the Firefly markbook.

Stay connected with your students

With easy access through phone, tablet or the web, Firefly gives students the tools and resources they need to connect with their teachers and classmates in a safe and secure environment.

Give students the resources they need, make it easy for them to collaborate with their teachers and classmates, and give feedback and guidance to help them achieve their personal best.


Help parents support their children

With personalised access for each user, Firefly helps schools provide the information and support that parents need to continue to support their children working from home.

Parents can quickly see what their child is working on, support them in their assignments and keep up to date with the latest news and information from school.


Our distance learning resources

Firefly Schools

Firefly works with schools around the world to unlock the potential of every student. With Firefly students have an equal platform for academic success.