Back to the classroom - Getting the fundamentals right!

As we all get ready to get back to the classroom, I’m sure the break already seems like a long time ago. Whether it’s a one or six-week break, returning to the classroom always brings its own challenges. 

In our Back to the Classroom guide, we’ve identified some key fundamentals around teaching and parent engagement to help you hit the ground running and inspire your students through every step of their learning journey.


We’ve also included practical tips and best practices from leading educational experts to help you in a classroom teaching phase across 4 key areas:

  • Rethinking teaching & learning
  • Engaging parents in the learning conversation
  • Celebrating school life
  • Tracking & measuring engagement


Think of them as your starting points, ready to build on and motivate your students, engage their parents, and keep track of the progress you and they are making in the months ahead.

Download today!

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