Why Firefly?

Give your teachers more time to teach, help your students learn more independently and collaboratively, and allow parents to be involved in their child's learning. Firefly's integrated tools work for your whole school - bringing teachers, students and parents together to help students learn more.

Tools that work together to save teachers time

Teachers are incredibly busy and Firefly helps make marking, tracking, resource sharing and keeping parents up to date quicker and easier: saving teachers time, making them more productive and giving them more time to teach.

How frustrating is it when your favourite apps don't talk to one another? A great homework tool for students that doesn't have a usable markbook, or needs a standalone parent communication system. Or is great for individual teachers but makes it hard for  your heads of department or senior management?

How much time do teachers spend copying data from one system to another, or trying to get work from students' mobile devices? You don't have to spend time doing either with Firefly.

As well as the tools in Firefly working together, it's all set up and ready to go from the get go because, where supported, Firefly integrates seamlessly with your school's MIS or SMS. Teachers and students don't even have to remember another login, with integration with Office 365, Google Apps and Active Directory for seamless single sign on.

Tools that teachers actually use and help raise achievement

Forget traditional clunky VLEs, LMS or learning platforms that are crammed full of features that teachers never use. Not only do you have to spend huge amounts of training and re-training teachers, even using the system ends up costing time rather than saving it.

We're passionate about freeing up time for teachers. By focusing on their needs, and specifically on schools rather than universities or businesses, we've build the joined up tools classroom teachers need. And we have the adoption stats to prove it.

The best part is - if you can free up teachers time, empower students to learn more independently and involve parents, all three of these are shown to increase achievement and results. That's learning more, together.

97% adoption by teachers across all Firefly schools
75% more teachers find Firefly ‘very useful’ compared to other VLEs

Help students learn more independently and collaboratively

Whether it's to support flipped learning, blended learning, or simply provide materials outside class, Firefly allows teachers to empower their students to learn independently. And not only that, it's easier for them to stay in touch with their teachers and peers and work more collaboratively as well.

With anytime, anywhere access to resources through a central portal, students can come to class with a better understanding of the topic, or better prepared for their exam.

Designed to work on students' tablets and phones, as well as desktops and laptops, Firefly also makes it easy for you to make the most of a bring-your-own-device or 1:1 rollout strategy.

57% student access outside school hours
7-8pm busiest hour of the day

Engage parents and help involve them with their child's education

"How was school?" "Fine." Rather than waiting until parents' evening, Firefly allows parents to keep up to date with their child's day to day progress, as well as having the context they need about what their child is learning, and school information, all in one place.

Keeping parents up to date can put huge strain on teachers. Firefly does it automatically, based on the tools they are already using the communicate with their students.

Having this information at their fingertips means parents don't need to keep phoning the school office or busy teachers. And they come to parents' evening better prepared, so teachers can have a more productive discussion.

78% of parents want online access to help with homework (YouGov)

We're here to support you

With support desks located in both London (UK) and Sydney (Australia), we're never more than a phone call or e-mail away for any of your teachers, students or parents. And we've also got a well stocked help site full of set by step guides and videos.

Our Client Experience team are always on hand to help with onsite or remote training, and help and advice on managing change and your Firefly project. Regular conferences and an active online community also allow you to share ideas with your peers, all over the world.

23 minute average response time
98% satisfied or very satisfied

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