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BETT 2019 - Why Firefly? Sevenoaks School

Sevenoaks, a leading independent school, explains how their journey led them to choosing Firefly to support academic, co-curricular and admin across the school. Discover how to ensure successful implementation and hear about the school’s favourite parts of Firefly. Presented by Ian Campbell, Head of Psychology at Sevenoaks.

Why Firefly?

  • Integration with leading MIS systems e.g. iSAMS
  • Live display of student and staff timetables
  • Choice of templates to create the perfect page type
  • Granular permissions at each level
  • Options to create secondary Firefly sites e.g. Junior site, staff site, and can set a unique template to each

Why Firefly works for Sevenoaks School?

  • It's an easy to use and intuitive product 
  • Keeps content fresh and attractive e.g. dashboard
  • Integrated into the school policy e.g. ALL Homework must be set on Firefly
  • Regular training from Firefly
  • Run by a teacher!

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