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BETT 2019 - Firefly as a tool for learning and communication, Long Close School

Julia Hallett, Year 2 teacher at Long Close School shows how they use Firefly to create lessons, set homework, communicate with parents and share blog posts in a simple and effective manner.

What a good communication and learning tool looks like...

For teachers

  • Lesson materials can be shared with colleagues
  • Online platform is a primary hub for resources
  • A space to share good practice
  • Using and sharing a class blog to engage students 
  • An online classroom with access to sharing resources anywhere and anytime
  • Time saver

For pupils

  • Instant access to resources anytime and anywhere
  • Allows students to play an active role in their own learning
  • Debate and discuss topics

For parents 

  • Class blog provides talking points for the family
  • A way to present parents with the tools they need to offer homework support
  • Flipped learning- giving parents access to learning materials before the class
  • Support from other parents and staff
  • ‘One stop shop’ for all school matters
  • Tutorials for parents

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