The modern classroom

00:30 - Flipped learning: Access to classwork in advance - students are introduced to the learning material before class. This gives them a chance to learn at their own pace or in their preferred style with classroom time being used to deepen understanding or project based work.

01:33 - Blended classroom: Tradition meets technology - technology is a tool that should be used to support and amplify the teaching and learning experience not replace it. Easy access to a wide range of resources can greatly improve how students are being taught.

Social media platforms are also great places to find learning resources and ideas. Why not follow #education to see how other teachers are using technology in the classroom.

05.13 - Space: The learner's habitat - approaches to creating a learning space that accommodates different learning and teaching styles.

Top tips -

1. Think about your classroom walls and the type of displays on show.

2. Move desks away from rows and into clusters to encourage more discussions and communication between students, their peers and their teachers.

3. Think about how you zone the classroom; create clear areas that allow for independent and collaborative work.

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