The insights you need to have greater impact across the entire school

Quickly and easily understand the way your systems are being used by students, teachers and parents, with on-demand engagement metrics that put you in control.


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Are my teachers creating engaging learning materials?

Are students making the most of the resources available to them?

How can you tell which parents are engaged in school life?

Understand the impact of your digital strategy across the whole school

At a glance overview, available whenever you want, helping you understand Firefly in your school.





Know where to target your efforts to get the best out of your teachers.

Understand which teachers are most engaged, which resources they find most useful and which teachers require more support.

Review student activity and spot patterns so that you can support them when they need it most.

See when your students are using Firefly, which students are struggling to engage and what content is having the most impact.





Understand if parents are invested in school life and where they are most active.

Monitor which families are using Firefly, seeing which content they are engaging with and when is the best time to contact them.

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