The truth about Parent Engagement: research report data revealed

Duration: 30mins


  • Dr. Chris Wilson - ImpactEd
  • Tom Harbour - Learning with Parents
  • Nicola WestJones - The Key Support Services

Parent engagement is a powerful lever for raising student achievement, and the past 20 months have highlighted the relationship between the school and the home, bringing them closer together. However, having a closer link doesn’t guarantee a full understanding of effective strategies on the best way to support and positively impact students’ learning with better parent engagement. 

In this webinar, we discuss our recent independent research, where we uncovered important insights on how parents, teachers and educational professionals truly perceive parent engagement in schools, and the impact this has.


Join us as we explore and reveal:

  • How schools are currently engaging with parents to support their children’s learning
  • The most effective ways schools can engage parents to support their children’s learning
  • What can influence the efficacy of schools’ methods to support parental engagement with their child’s learning


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