Even better together: A new chapter for parent-school relations?

Discover 8 key recommendations for boosting parent engagement and improve child learning.

Moving teaching and learning online in the face of a pandemic was a remarkable achievement but schools now face a new challenge: accelerate the progress of all pupils and reduce the impact of lost learning.

The partnership between schools and families has been given a major boost over the past year. To see how it could be further strengthened and solve some of the challenges ahead we recently held a roundtable.

In our latest report, we’ve captured the key themes from all participants. This included school leaders from top schools, and parent body organisations such as ParentKind, Parent Ping and Learning with Parents.

Download to discover:

  • Lessons schools have learnt since March 2020
  • Strategies that have worked and need closer attention
  • Challenges that need to be overcome 


Whether you’re a teacher or school leader - this is a must-read for you.

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