Removing the Frustrations From Parents’ Evenings

Parents’ evenings provide the opportunity for parents to speak with teachers and get an insight into their child's progress, whilst giving teachers the opportunity to strengthen the parental relationship with the school. 

However, as important as they are, parents’ evenings have long posed challenges for both schools and parents and can be difficult to get right. Complications such as booking appointments, too many topics to cover in a short space of time, and more recently the technical obstacles of online video conferencing have meant that what should be a useful event is all too often dreaded by teachers, and avoided by parents altogether.

Watch the webinar to discover top tips on how to manage parents' evenings better, and maximise the time you have to get the most out of the learning conversations.


  • How to effectively manage the scheduling of parents evenings
  • How to share learning progress without overloading information 
  • How to manage the whole process online and offline whilst forging relationships and establishing trust 

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