Webinar: Planning a robust digital learning strategy

On-demand Webinar - 30 mins 

Edtech is so important in preparing students for the future and supporting teachers with their day-to-day tasks. With so many options available, it can be difficult to ensure that the tools we have are embedded effectively and used to their full potential. 

A digital strategy can help schools to stay focused and achieve whole-school engagement however it can be overwhelming to put together. What should be included? What needs to be prioritised? How can it be aligned to school priorities?

In this webinar, we hear from Hayley Charlton, Product Manager at Firefly and former Director of IT. She shares her first-hand experiences of implementing new solutions with a cohesive team and getting staff members on board.

You will discover:

  • The essential things you need to include 
  • How to help staff see the value of new tools
  • Ways to bridge the gap between teaching and technology
  • Planning for the future.

Guest speaker

Hayley Charlton
Product Manager at Firefly
& former Director of IT

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