Seamless integration

Firefly integrates with leading MIS and SIS platforms to provide smooth adoption and a user-friendly experience.

Synchronise data

Firefly automatically populates essential school data from your MIS or SIS including user accounts, groups, timetables, attendance records, academic reports and other important information.

Save time and improve efficiency

Deep integration of Firefly with your existing MIS or SIS results in rapid adoption and painless system updates. Reduce administrative tasks and get teachers up and running in no time!

Connect with parents

Give parents a full, up-to-date view of their child’s learning journey. Pull information such as academic and attendance reports from your MIS straight into Firefly. Parents can view reports in context with marks, grades and feedback.

Keep information central

No need to jump between systems. Access data from both your MIS or SIS and Firefly in one central location.

Our MIS and SIS partners 

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