Using Firefly and Microsoft to help manage teacher workload

As we launch more features and further integrating Firefly with Microsoft, we thought it timely to explore ways educators can reduce their workload.

Distance learning is a challenge for schools all around the world. With so much to do, how can schools help teachers feel more confident with online teaching as well as elevate the learning experience for students?

Firefly is delighted to bring you this webinar, in which former Deputy Head Rob Eastment will look at how you can make the most of the tools in Firefly and Microsoft, using them together to manage your workload while still providing quality learning and communications.

Discover how you can:

  • Speed things up through Single Sign On
  • Make Microsoft docs easily found in Firefly
  • Bring OneDrive files to life through interactive activities
  • Provide all classroom resources alongside Team Meetings
  • Support learners with a spectrum of abilities

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