How to harness the power of parents in the classroom

01:28 - Engaging Parents in their child's learning journey: Giving parents access to resources and tools which they can use to assist their child's learning can have a huge and positive impact on achievement.

03:27 - Effortless interaction between parents and teachers: Quick and easy communication is important for both parents and teachers and having the tools to maintain this type of communication strengthens the home-school partnership.

05:04 - Receive school notices and announcements: Participation is boosted by keeping parents informed of the going ons in the school. Push notifications and reminders in calendars are achievable with technology.

05:56 - Building a community: Reinforce your school's values through the look and layout of your learning tool. This drives authority and credibility with every parental interaction. 

For more ideas on how to empower children in school with the full support of parents, have a look at Advisory Centre for Education (ACE).

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