Show & Tell - Kensington Prep

Kensington Prep are ahead of the game when it comes to ICT. Not only have they been awarded the ICT Mark (for the second time) recognising their ‘cutting-edge use of IT throughout the curriculum’, they are using Firefly in great ways to facilitate this success.

Alana Varndell, head of e-learning at Kensington Prep, and Shannon Williamson, head of computer science at North Bridge House Prep School will be discussing topics such as:

  • Engaging Parents
  • Using Firefly effectively in different key stages (Foundation stages, KS1, KS2)
  • Making Firefly a ‘one stop shop’

This event is perfect for those working with younger learners who want to find out more about how Firefly works day to day within a school. It will also be useful if you are thinking of joining the Firefly community and have specific questions about the roll out experience.

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