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Discover how Firefly supercharges the learning experience by bringing teachers and content providers closer together.

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Produce high quality resources on Firefly with flexible tools specifically designed for education. Transform passive learners into active ones using  a range of digital content, from audio and video, to interactive quizzes and polls.

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A simple click on Firefly delivers rich content into the classroom bringing tasks to life. Our partnerships with leading content providers make it straightforward to find and share the best learning resources. 

All in one place 

Relevant content is available at the click of a button to share with your students. On Firefly, teachers can combine dynamic content from a wide variety of sources to support their chosen curriculum. Use online simulations, textbooks and videos to engage students, test and track progress all in one place.

Ease of use

Our straightforward intuitive system empowers all teachers; drag and drop, or copy and paste to add the content you want, where you want it.

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