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What was your edtech journey last year?

With the beginning of the pandemic last year, schools all around the world experienced a transformation in the way that they worked with their students and pupils. As teaching and learning moved into the online classroom, often with very little notice, teachers began their own learning journey as they got to grips with technology and a whole new way of teaching.

For many teachers this ‘new normal’ involved an evolution of their existing use of technology in the classroom. There were new skills to be learnt, such as zoom lessons for example, but they had already established the use of edtech in their teaching and as such the change in approach was something they could adjust to.

Dulwich College International for example, very early on felt that ... this experience has already transformed practices that will last significantly beyond the resumption of 'normal' school. Also, there is every indication that the provision will grow from strength to strength as we move forward and collaborate even more effectively with colleagues…

There were other teachers however, who were still finding their feet with regard to the use of technology. In these cases, the requirements of teaching in lock down were far more revolutionary in their nature. Overnight it seemed, these teachers had to completely change the way they interacted with their students, requiring them to develop a whole new set of skills and adapt their resources, ready for an online world. The way in which they were able to rise to the challenge was nothing short of inspirational. 

All Hallows Prep School is just such a case. Richard Kirby, Head of Digital Learning at the school told usInitially, I had my concerns for some staff members who really weren’t confident at using technology. However, these have been unfounded. When I look at what they’ve created, it’s amazing, they’ve been able to put together some very creative pages using the simple drag and drop feature in Firefly and have thought outside the box to make their pages even more appealing to the children.

As we look forward to the months ahead, with teachers and students back in the classroom, schools are taking the opportunity to reflect on what they have learnt. Whether it's online parents evenings, flipped learning or a new parent communication strategy there is much that is positive for schools to take forward. However, it is also important to recognise the journey that teachers have been on, particularly those that have seen the greatest transformation.

Get involved in the Edtech beginner to Digital Pioneer competition

It is with this in mind that we have launched “From Edtech beginner to Digital Pioneer - a Transformational Journey” to celebrate those teachers that have seen the most significant change in their approach to using edtech. We’re looking for the best digital transformational stories about teachers who were not so confident using technology, but have embraced edtech to deliver great teaching and learning.

If this sounds like you or someone in your school, we would love to share your story and give you the chance of winning £100 in amazon vouchers. Simply submit your story.

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