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Taking a closer look: Encouraging communication in your school

Schools are more than just bricks and mortar - they are communities made up of teachers, students, school leaders and parents. Like any community, the importance of good communication across these different groups cannot be overstated, but this can often be a challenging and time-consuming task.

We know that no two schools are the same. Built exclusively for schools, Firefly accommodates their unique structures, operations, and pedagogical requirements across the academic, pastoral, extracurricular and community dimensions. Firefly includes everyone, engaging teachers, students, parents, administrators, pastoral heads, housemasters, even governors and trustees with curated, personalised content. 

Firefly, as the essential foundation for powering today’s modern learning experience, drives effective communication in a number of ways :


Receive instant notifications

  • Firefly messages and notifications can be sent by teachers to students, classes and parents directly from Firefly. Whether these are reminders of events, a change in plans due to the weather, or simply sharing some good news, Firefly makes it quick and intuitive to stay in touch. Structured, teacher-led conversations accessed via any device enable mutual understanding and better outcomes with students and parents.


Create curated homepages for everyone

  • Newsletters, weekly updates, sports reports and trip diaries can all be managed with Firefly blogs. Personalised content delivered through Firefly and its curated view system means that each individual sees only what is relevant and important to them, as well as protecting information from unauthorised access.

Quickly send the school community the pages they need

  • Recommendations in Firefly make it easy for everyone to go straight to the information they need, without having to remember where things are stored. This ease of use ensures that the whole school community is fully engaged in the learning process.

We want to help schools transcend the traditional classroom boundaries, giving everyone in the school the freedom to understand and engage with the learning experience in ways that best suit them. Firefly’s dedicated apps for teachers, students and parents give access anytime, anywhere, meaning that Firefly can be used in-class, at home and for extracurricular activities/school trips to support whole child learning.

Firefly worked with a school in Birmingham that found it difficult to engage their parents effectively, with only small numbers turning up for parents evenings.

Since implementing Firefly the school got rid of all paper-based letters, using it to facilitate teacher-led dialogues between school and home. They found that parents are significantly more engaged with the school, with attendance at Parents’ Evening meetings trebling as a result.

Our platform offers schools a single, central hub for all of their communications. Accessible on any device, Firefly creates a seamless experience, reducing complexity and saving time for the whole school community. It is for this reason that hundreds of schools worldwide trust Firefly to help them deliver a modern learning experience.

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