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Making the right choice - selecting your school's digital learning platform

At the end of 2018, Firefly spearheaded a piece of quantitative research entitled ‘What do international schools think of their approach to evaluating, selecting and implementing a learning management system?’*. An unprecedented number of senior leaders across Europe, the Middle East & Asia Pacific regions participated, validating the need for such an initiative.

Insights uncovered show whilst 90% of schools are using digital tools to teach, over 50% have no clear strategy that incorporates learning innovation. Whilst other industries are purposely embracing and excelling because of new technology, ours has frequently been let down by traditional edtech that is rigid, fragmented and a burden on resources.

Firefly define this elevated use of technology as part of the modern learning experience and the outputs of this research aim to address key strategic objectives highlighted by the majority of school leaders.  More than half said they would need their digital learning platform to:

- Improve overall internal and external communications

- Increase the transparency of teaching and learning

- Enhance student experience to ensure consistency at every stage

All whilst demonstrating value to parents from different cultures and backgrounds.

By achieving these, international schools could drive new levels of happiness and satisfaction within their school community, and build their reputation in the international community. 

The research presented a number of key topics that senior leaders felt warranted further exploration. Leading to a necessary phase of qualitative research with leading representatives across these three regions. As the end of the academic year approaches, this independently run research is being conducted to further enhance knowledge in this area; to address these and revolutionise teaching as we know it. 

The deadline for participation is looming. Anyone wishing to be a contributor to the strategy that will power the modern learning experience of schools, teachers and students should complete this form.

Supported by BSME, the research findings will be published toward to the end of 2019.  For any questions relating to this, please contact Alex MacMillan (

*Firefly learning platform report 2018 - How to make the right choice when selecting your school’s digital learning tool 

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