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Introducing markbooks for previous academic years

We're excited to announce that the Firefly markbook now allows you to view marks, grades, and feedback for classes from previous academic years.

All of your tasks, now in one place

We’ve built this feature to work with all old tasks, even those created before the markbook was implemented (Summer 2015).

As long as the students are still enrolled in the school, you can access their previous marks and feedback.

Works out of the box

You don’t need to set anything up — Firefly will automatically look through all of your old tasks, find the corresponding classes, and add them to your markbook for you. You'll find them all under the class drop-down in the top left, with the academic year in parentheses.

Available now

  • If you're a cloud school, you can start using this feature right away.
  • If you're a local school, you'll need to install version 5.2.31 of Firefly to get it. You can download the update here.

Please note that this update is just for the browser version of Firefly. The apps will continue to display data for the current academic year only.

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