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Introducing Firefly on Teams - A new generation of tools for Microsoft schools

With many schools using Microsoft Teams with their students, we are delighted to announce the release of Firefly on Teams, the natural partner to your Microsoft tools.

Firefly on Teams enables structured teaching in the classroom and beyond. Designed to save teachers time and help them support their learners more effectively, Firefly on Teams gives teachers the tools they need, where and when they need them.

Teaching and learning has changed dramatically. Technology and online learning is a core part of the day to day education process, with more and more teachers using edtech both in the classroom and beyond. However, schools have told us that many existing solutions are not meeting the digital expectations of their teachers and students. 

The management of high quality teaching resources is still time-consuming and difficult to structure effectively. Teachers and students are often overwhelmed by the sheer number of platforms they have to use, leading to an experience that is often fragmented and confusing. These solutions take time away from teaching, as students and teachers are forced to continually switch between platforms, searching for what they need. Classroom admin activities such as registration, behaviour management and seating plans require multiple platforms: teachers do not have the visibility they want, and are spending too much time managing their classes, when they would rather be supporting their students.

Teachers want to be able to manage their resources quickly and easily, and provide a structure for their students which they can access as part of their day to day learning. They want their classroom management tools and student information at their fingertips so that they can manage and organise their students, all from one, simple to access space. Crucially, they want these things available in the place where they spend the bulk of their teaching time.

With its two, dedicated Microsoft apps, Firefly on Teams enables teachers to create, structure and organise their curriculum content within Microsoft Teams, as well as giving them the tools they need to manage and organise their classes, all in one place.


Firefly Curriculum gives teachers the ability to create rich and engaging resources for their students, within Microsoft Teams.

  • Easy to use: With drag and drop resources, embedded audio and video files and extensive partnerships with 3rd party tools, Firefly Curriculum ensures that teachers can use the content they wish quickly and easily. 
  • Structured content management: Teachers can create and share a rich content library, so that students have their resources where they need them, and teachers can use them again and again, year on year. 
  • Adapted to your needs: Firefly’s flexible structure means that teachers have the flexibility they need to work within their existing course structures.


Firefly Seating Plan means that teachers have their classroom management tools to hand at all times. 

  • Flexible seating Plans: Teachers can create and edit seating plans, (and share them with other teachers if they wish) with different plans for individual classrooms. 
  • Classroom tools: The student picker, countdown timers and group creator tools are immediately accessible, ready for teachers to manage in-class activities.
  • Student insights: information about each student, such as Pupil Premium, EAL and SEND or Gifted and Talented data is at their fingertips, all within their Microsoft Teams workspace.

At Firefly we believe that edtech must save teachers time, and empower them to teach in the way that best suits their subject and their students. It must enable schools to provide students with an environment that promotes effective learning and ultimately helps them to achieve the best outcomes. That is why we have built Firefly on Teams, giving teachers more time to teach, and students more ways to learn. If interested to find out more simply register your interest here!

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