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Firefly puts your school on the path to insights-driven excellence. With its unique Learning Experience Database tracking student experience and quality of teaching, across all learning spaces, Firefly gives schools the information they need, when they need it.

By fostering teacher collaboration for resource sharing, best practices and continuously improving the quality of learning, Firefly enables teachers to deliver differentiated learning without adding complexity, helping every child achieve their personal best.

Aitken College uses Firefly to support its continuous reporting initiative and the improvements to assessment practices over the last three years have resulted in significantly more useful and detailed data about their students.

Teachers are better informed about the skills and knowledge of each student and most importantly what they are ready to tackle next. Rubrics and detailed feedback in Firefly help each student to recognise their strengths and understand what steps they need to take to progress further in their studies.

Early indications show that the new practices are having a measurable impact on student learning with significantly increased scores in standardised tests across the school.

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