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Four 10-min Masterclasses to help future-proof your online learning approach

The beginning of a new academic year always feels like a fresh new start - everyone is feeling energised from their summer break and excited to reconnect with their colleagues.

More so this year, teachers will be full of creative ways to adapt their teaching in the classroom and use education technology tools for students to provide a more blended learning approach.

As schools reopen around the world, we are reminded of the challenging times ahead with potential for further school closures. In the UK, the recently released DfE guidance simply reinforces the fact that schools need to adopt a flexible approach to teaching and learning, and be ready to flex up and down as required. 

It is with this in mind that our learning team have created four 10-min masterclasses with practical advice on how to future proof your online learning approach, whatever the circumstances; Back to the classroom, Hybrid learning or Virtual Schooling. 


Grab a cup of tea and discover practical ways to adapt your online learning approach over the next few months.


The new fundamentals to stay agile in your teaching & learning       15 mins
In this OnDemand webinar, we reveal ways schools are adapting their digital learning approaches to address the problem of the digital divide and provide a personalised learning experience for all. Discover best practices and key fundamentals schools can easily adopt to ensure continuity of learning no matter whether they’re open or closed:

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How to balance your parent comms throughout the Covid cycle      10 mins
Explore how to dial up or down your parent communication strategy for the next few months, making sure you support families, without over-burdening your already busy teachers. In this condensed masterclass we showcase different ways to improve parent engagement and strengthen the home-school partnership:

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The most creative ideas to celebrate school life & keep the community connected    10 mins
Discover the imaginative ways in which schools have embraced new ideas to build a thriving online school community & reduce feelings of isolation amongst their students:

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Keep it simple: The key data points to track & measure your impact    10 mins
How will you walk the hallways of your school this year? Join us to find out how you can use data to develop a fuller picture of what's working, regardless of whether students are in or out of school:

  • Effective ways to use online surveys 
  • Which types of engagement metrics to measure
  • Ways to track & share the most popular activities

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We hope you enjoy watching our masterclasses - these follow on from the release of our guides to keeping learning going when Back to the classroom, Hybrid learning or Virtual Schooling. If you haven’t already - be sure to read them!

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