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Fits your unique culture

No two schools are the same, and the limitations of traditional EdTech are holding schools back. Firefly is part of a new class of platform, one that liberates teachers to guide and continuously adapt the learning journey.

Firefly’s flexible, intuitive platform gives schools and teachers the freedom they need to deliver a modern learning experience. From enabling greater collaboration and managing pastoral systems to powering richer communications and delivering school-wide strategies within a single central hub, Firefly brings a school’s culture and identity into the heart of their day-to-day processes.

Aston University Engineering Academy chose Firefly because of its simplicity and the way it supported the school’s culture of a holistic learning experience. A key factor in their choice of Firefly was achieving a smooth, rapid implementation with the minimum of disruption for staff and students - Firefly needed to fit in, right from the start.

Working with the Firefly team they were able to achieve 100% adoption by their teachers in just 12 days, with all of their students using Firefly 2 days later. 

Firefly now sits at the heart of the school experience at Aston University Engineering Academy, used to support everything from academic studies, to the Duke of Edinburgh Awards Scheme, work experience, CCF, staff performance reviews and educational visits.

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