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Firefly Platform: Powering the Modern Learning Experience

Firefly is the essential foundation for your school’s modern learning experience. As the single, central hub, Firefly enables one true view into a school, eliminating data silos and multiplying the value of all other systems – including Google and Microsoft.

Schools use a myriad of products day to day. As the anchor of a school’s core systems, Firefly makes it easy for everyone to use the tools they need, safely and securely, reducing complexity and saving time for teachers, students and parents. Schools are liberated to focus on delivering the modern learning experience they aspire towards.

Teachers at Sheffield High School use G Suite extensively within the Firefly environment, ensuring a consistent experience for students, staff and parents. Firefly’s intuitive platform provides access for all users at the school. With resources and documents stored on Google Drive, integration with Firefly allows the creation of personalised learning areas, effective management of homework and better communication with parents.

With Google docs, sheets and slides all embedded into one central environment, everyone at Sheffield High Schools gets the best of both worlds.

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