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Firefly in Australia – get started without any ado

Change is one of the few constants in the school year

At Firefly, we understand that adopting a new teaching and learning tool is a big decision, but once the choice is made you want to get started as soon as possible and reap the benefits. 97% of Firefly schools are up and running in their first month.

Firbank Grammar School in Melbourne had one of our more unusual launches: Their plan had been to setup Firefly in October, with an introduction to teachers, students and parents in the new year. To their surprise, upon checking the site’s statistics in January, over 650 students had already logged in, setup their profiles and started creating content.

The culprit? Unknown, but with Firefly O365 single sign-on and a link to their Firefly site mysteriously appearing on social media, Firbank’s onboarding process was done for them before they had even begun!

Testimony to the ease of use of Firefly. Needless to say it did make the Day 1 launch somewhat of a formality!
Paul Mears, Director of Digital Learning Firbank Grammar School

St Ursula’s College in Toowoomba sped through their setup in two weeks! No such social media luck this time, but with ten champion teachers who pioneered the launch, in no time at all 100% of students were onboard and other teachers enthused by what they were seeing. Once students discovered the benefit of having learning resources always to hand and a quick route to their timetable, homework and feedback, it was inevitable that even the most tech shy teachers would get onboard.

Students have shown real independence and self-direction when it comes to embracing Firefly. It’s easy to access rich resources and revision tests, enabling students to learn in ways that works for them.
Amanda Brown, Teacher St Ursula’s College

Back in Melbourne, Billanook College’s roll out involved a few short, snappy training sessions for teachers and students, and a clever incentive to get parents involved. Training could be swift as the Firefly help site is loaded with video tutorials, covering all aspects of Firefly. Plus, the support team are available whenever needed by email or phone. Ingeniously, parents who activated their account were entered into a competition for a case of wine – suffice to say, it worked with over 40% logging in on launch day!

Almost all parents have engaged and interacted with Firefly since we launched. Firefly adoption was extremely fast, students installed mobile apps independently and customised their own dashboards unprompted.
Matthew Wood, Director of Learning Innovation Billanook College

Due to the ease of adoption, Firefly gets implemented by schools throughout the school year. This also lets schools, if they wish, select a time away from the busiest periods like the start of the year and introduce Firefly when everyone is in full swing.

We’d be delighted to share more stories with you, please don’t hesitate to get in touch for a tailored introduction to Firefly and our team.

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