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Firefly and RM Books for flipped homework

New integration between Firefly and RM Unify enables teachers to create Flipped Homework tasks for their students by drawing on the full range of available cloud learning resources made available by RM.

We're delighted to be working with RM, who are doing exciting things when it comes to flipped learning and creating richer resources for students.

This integration enables homework set through Firefly to include a quality e-textbook within RM Books. These ebooks act as the spine for the flipped learning task, where teachers can use overlays to work 'on top' of the online text book. 

Teachers can add in context all sorts of content, from links to other resources, such as those in Britannica, The Day, ClickView or YouTube. As such, it's a great opportunity to enrich students' learning by directing them towards relevant and safe content.

In addition, RM Unify manages all single-sign-on behind the scenes, making it all work seamlessly together.

I can to draw attention to important ideas, pose questions to the pupils, overlay stimulating videos, podcasts, images, links and quizzes to the pages. I can then push out these ideas and tasks through Firefly.
Gareth Hart Head of Digital Learning and Chemistry Teacher, Reed’s School

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