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Are you ready for the year ahead?

Another term is coming to a close and I’m sure your thoughts are starting to turn towards a well-earned break! However, as the dust from last term begins to settle, this is often a good time to reflect on what we have achieved over the last twelve months, and start to consider plans for the year ahead.

Like everything else, education, and particularly edtech, is constantly evolving. Schools need to look at what they are doing, and how they are doing it, if they are to stay at the forefront of educational practice and meet the needs of their teachers, students and parents. In order to do this successfully, schools need to understand where they are on their digital journey so that they can build on strengths, and identify those areas in need of further development.

Good starting point for schools to look at initially are:

  • Professional Leadership - the vision, values and direction of a school, and building relationships inside and outside the school community are key dimensions of successful school leadership. 
  • Teaching Practice - successful schools promote effective professional teacher development and engender a culture of evidence-based classroom practice. 
  • Learning Experience - minimising learning disruption and equipping students to engage and take ownership of their learning is positively correlated with academic achievement.
  • Parents and the wider community - high performing schools build strong partnerships between the school, families and wider community. 
  • Resources and infrastructure - for a school to deliver on its vision, resources and infrastructure need to be joined-up and form a single ecosystem.

If schools are getting these right, then in many respects teaching and learning take care of themselves, but we need a starting point. The Firefly Digital Maturity Diagnostic tool is designed to help schools identify where they are now and stimulate a conversation about where to go next.

Designed to help schools open up conversations, it will enable them to reflect on their current practice, and understand how they can:

  • Build stronger school, families and wider community engagement
  • Ensure learning stability & continuity, within and beyond the classroom
  • Minimise administrative burden and reduce teacher workload 
  • Measure impact and understand engagement across the entire school

If you would like to see where you are on your digital journey, ready to plan your next steps, take 5 minutes to complete our online questionnaire. You will receive your report within minutes via email, giving you the information you need to inform your strategy moving forward and understand what you should be doing next.

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