Our Values

We've tried to describe our personality and values and capture the ideas that motivate us.  If these are things that resonate with you and you think you could make a difference as part of our team, please get in touch with us for a chat.

As well as looking for new members of the Firefly team on the basis of matching skills to role, there are other aspects to working with Firefly that require qualities beyond those found on the job description.


The Firefly story is one of partnership and Firefly continues to be developed and lead in partnership, whether that's with each other or with the teachers, network managers or students at our schools.

We seek to build cooperation and trust rather than competition within the team. We think that strengthens us to compete with our competitors!  We like each member of the team to feel like they really own their role and to be fully involved, able to represent the company no matter what they are doing. Team leaders will seek to lead in creating an environment of trust.  Relationships and the development of each individual matter as well as getting the job done.


Our claim is that we 'get' education.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that we have all been teachers (though we have probably all been students!) but it does mean that one way or another we do care about the impact of our work on the schools, teachers and students that we serve.  We strive to understand developments within the world of education and how they affect our clients so we can continue to meet real needs and solve real problems.

Feedback and continuous improvement

We realise that our industry is on a moving (learning!) platform, trying to hit a moving target. Although we build on our history, we do not rest on it. This is true of us as individuals as well as a company. This is another way in which we show that we 'get' education; that we genuinely listen to feedback and take time to reflect on how we can improve.


We are a company run by real people who have personality and character.

This might be outworked in the sense that each team member might contribute beyond the letter of their job description (and might sometimes be asked to). At the same time, the company’s attitudes towards team members will never take that willingness to express their commitment for granted.

Each team member brings their unique background and perspective to our operations and working environment. We appreciate the strength of experience that diversity brings and value the unity of the team that allows such diversity to have expression. We are sensible, always mindful of the team as a whole and look to treat others as we would like to be treated.


We are a ‘tech’ company. We enjoy exploring and being creative with the technologies with which we work and make full use of them whenever they can be effectively adopted. However interesting the 'latest' innovation might be, it will never drive us in the same way that our vision and clients do.

If you feel you could make a difference in a growing business, please just get in touch for an informal chat. If you're interested, or you know anyone who might be, we'd love to hear from you.