Resource Sharing

Whether it’s teachers sharing revision notes with students, a head of department sharing resources with their colleagues, the school office posting announcements for parents or IT staff sharing instructions on how to set up a school printer, Firefly makes it easy to create and share.

If you can write an e-mail, you can create content in Firefly

We've designed Firefly's easy to use content editor for busy teachers who aren't always IT professionals. Drag and drop to re-arrange content and upload files. Paste in content easily from Word and other sources. Embed slideshows, videos, photos and other web content quickly and easily. Firefly's editor works on all platforms - including tablets and smartphones.

Create worksheets, quizzes, blogs and more

Firefly's flexible content editor also has templates for self marking or teacher marked worksheets and quizzes, blogs for teachers or students and surveys that allow you to collect information from all your school body.

Pushing content

Firefly's recommend tool allows you to push content to a group or an individual within seconds. The best part is that the same content can be pushed to different groups at different times – allowing you to reuse the same material next week or even next year. If your students are using our mobile apps the content immediately loads on their mobile device.

Increasing collaboration within academic departments

Rather than teachers storing all their resources in their own personal 'My Documents', Firefly's flexible structure and push technology helps encourage collaboration within your academic departments. Teachers can easily share learning material with their colleagues so that they don't have to create everything from scratch, saving time and duplicated effort.


Not everyone in school should be able to see everything. Firefly's flexible permissions system allows you to restrict access and editing on all of your content to just those that need it. Better still, items that a particular person doesn't have access to are automatically hidden, making it simpler for everyone. Easily create 'staff only' areas, group workspaces, and limit access to student data to form teachers, tutors or parents and more.

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