Planning and Tracking

Teachers spend a lot of their time planning for the next lesson, and keeping track of their students' progress. Firefly's integrated tools help save teachers time and make it easier to track progress.


Firefly's built in markbook is integrated with its homework setting features. All pieces of work automatically appear in the flexible markbook. Teachers can also easily add work that isn't set through Firefly, and customise their markbook by changing what is displayed, and highlighting and hiding pieces of work. You can even use the Firefly markbook from either the responsive web interface, or our Teacher Planner mobile app from their tablet.

Lesson planning

Firefly's Teacher Planner app for iPad and Windows makes it easy to plan your lessons. Automatically linked into your school's timetable, teachers can add notes to each lesson and to particular students. You an even set up seating plans and see all your students' names and photos at a glance.

Student profile

As you mark students work and add feedback, Firefly automatically records it into the student's profile. This makes it quick and easy for teachers to review progress of a particular student, and share it securely with them or their parents.


Need to do further analysis of your markbook? Markbooks can be exported individually or in bulk for importing into Excel or your MIS/SMS.

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