Finding out how their child is doing at school can be tricky, and parents often only find out too late. Firefly gives all parents access to information on their child's progress and other school information, without teachers having to do extra work.

Secure self-service login for parents

Based on their records in your school's MIS or SMS, Firefly automatically issues accounts to parents that they can manage by securely activating them the first time they use them, using their e-mail address. And if they forget their password? They can reset it online, without calling the school office.

Communicating with parents

Firefly's built in messaging tool makes it easy to communicate quickly and easily with parents. Not only is it easy for a teacher to communicate with a particular student's parents, it's simple to send a group message to all parents of a year group or class.

Making parents aware of homework and progress

Firefly's integrated tools mean that teachers can share homework set to students with their parents too. That means that parents can log in and see what homework their child has that night, and also see recent grades and feedback from previous work. Rather than waiting for their report, they can get a much more continuous view of their child's progress.

Sharing learning resources and school information

Not only can parents see what homework their children has, with Firefly they can also access the learning material that teachers have shared. So they have the context and information they need to provide appropriate help.

Attendance, behaviour and reports

Firefly's integration with the school MIS/SMS pulls through attendance, behaviour and reports and allows you to publish it to parents through their Firefly login. Save paper, prevent reports being lost in transit and make it convenient for parents to access key reports from any device.

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