Who wants to remember another password or copy their student list into yet another system? We know that schools already maintain a huge amount of data, so we’ve designed Firefly so it integrates seamlessly with these systems so you don’t have to manually copy any information across. This saves your administrators, teachers and students time and hassle. We’ve also found it helps drive much higher and faster levels of adoption.

MIS Integration

When teachers start using Firefly, all of their class lists and student information is there ready to go. Firefly integrates with a wide range of management information systems, including Capita SIMS, iSAMS, WCBS, Schoolbase, Double First Engage and more. Our integration is seamless - so when something changes in the MIS - it's automatically updated in Firefly. Just some of the things we can pull through from the MIS includes - year groups, classes, sets, houses, tutors, forms, timetables, calendars and photos. We also pull through all the parent information, as well as attendance behaviour and reports, so you can make Firefly available to parents.

Google Apps and Office 365 integration

Many schools have switched, or are switching, to Google Apps or Office 365 so they don't have to manage their own e-mail systems and document libraries. Firefly integrates seamlessly with Google Apps and Office 365 so nobody has to sign on twice. Students can also submit work they have done in Google Docs or Office 365 as homework in Firefly. This automatically stores a copy of the piece of work so the teacher can mark and archive it without any danger of the student deleting or overwriting it.

No more logins - Active Directory integration

Many schools already provide all their students and teachers with logins for their school network. Firefly integrates with your school network (via Office 365 or your local Active Directory with a local installation) so that everyone can use their existing login details to access Firefly. Even better, if users are using a school PC, they won't even get prompted for the username and password again. This saves everyone the time and hassle of having to maintain yet another set of usernames and passwords.

Partner Integrations

Firefly's APIs allow partners to integrate with Firefly and give their users a seamless sign on and content editing experience for teachers, students and parents at Firefly schools. We have a range of education-specific partners including ClickView and eStream for video, Room Booking System, GCSEPod, Twig, RM Books and more.

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