Hosting & Updates

Firefly is hosted securely in the cloud so you don't have to worry about the cost and time spent on servers, updates or disk space. Seamless updates every two weeks mean that Firefly gets even better every fortnight.

Automatic updates every two weeks, with no disruption

Our product and technology teams are constantly making improvements to Firefly based on feedback from the teachers, students and parents that use it. These are included as part of your yearly subscription. We roll out updates every two weeks, and our advanced cloud hosted platform means that you are always using the latest version. Users don't even get logged out as the upgrades occur completely in the background.

Cloud hosting you can rely on

Firefly is hosted on Amazon's AWS platform in secure data centres around the world (EU, Australia and Singapore). AWS is also used by some of the biggest websites in the world, including Amazon itself and Netflix. Our advanced cloud hosted infrastructure has automatic load balancing and failover, meaning that it automatically recovers from server failures and is unaffected by scheduled maintenance or updates. It can also react to spikes in demand, allowing us to add more capacity at busy times of the year and hours of the day. It's also constantly monitored by our operations staff, so yours don't have to worry about it.

Local hosting option

For schools with very slow or unreliable internet connections, complex bespoke integration requirements or in countries where we cannot provide cloud hosting for regulatory reasons, we offer a version of Firefly that can be installed on a server within your own school. Our expert consultants can advise on whether the locally hosted option is best for you.

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