Set, collect and mark homework using Firefly's integrated tools that help save teachers time and track student progress more effectively. And not only are students clear on what the homework is, their parents and form teachers can see too.

Set and collect work

Set homework through Firefly and teachers can choose whether it's completed the old fashioned way - on paper - or online. Either way there's no excuse that students were not clear on the work. Firefly also makes it much easier for teachers to keep track of which students have done their work and who needs a gentle reminder. Firefly brings all the collected work to one place so teachers don't have to search their inboxes for student work, or lug home mountains of books each night. Perfect for schools with BYOD or 1:1 schemes, Firefly makes it easy for students to submit work from any device.

Give rich formative feedback

Firefly's Teacher Planner app integrates seamlessly with 1,000s of apps that allow teachers to add annotations, text comments and even audio and video feedback on students' work. And teachers can also provide feedback through Firefly's web interface. As well as making it simple to send the feedback back to the student, all feedback is stored in one place for reference at the end of the week or term, or during parents' evening.

Markbook integration

Firefly's homework setting tools are seamlessly integrated with Firefly's built in mark book. So as teachers give students feedback and/or grades on individual pieces of work, they are automatically recorded in the mark book.

Apps for iOS, Android and Windows

As well as Firefly's responsive web tools, Firefly's complimentary Student Planner app is available for iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows Phone. It provides students with realtime information about their work. Homework is sent via push notification, and students can also submit work from 1,000s of other apps on their device, using our Student Planner app. Our iPad based Teacher Planner app allows teachers to set homework and do their marking directly from their iPad.

Keep parents and form teachers or tutors up to date

Setting homework on Firefly not only shares the work with students, it can also be shared with their parents, meaning that parents can quickly check what their children have for homework. And when they mark the work, teachers can easily share marks and feedback with parents too. All without extra work, and without having to copy data into separate apps.

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