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Introducing Firefly 6

We're proud to announce our most significant upgrade to Firefly yet - Firefly 6. We've been listening carefully to your feedback over the last year about how Firefly could fit in more closely with your workflow, provide sophisticated tools for managing tasks and support formative feedback. That’s why we’ve been hard at work the last few months and here’s a sneak preview of what’s to come.

During the last year we've been collating and analysing all the feedback we receive from teachers via the helpdesk, planning and training in schools and carrying out in-depth research. We encapsulated everything we learned in a set of principles that guided the design of Firefly 6:

Young Rewired State - Final Round Up

The pressure was on today at the final of The Festival of Code, with plenty of focus amongst those teams lucky enough to still be in with a chance of an award. The appetites were still in abundance as breakfast again vanished in seconds meaning that a lot of the students ended up going to nearby coffee shops to fill their stomachs. With even more late night sessions of coding happening overnight it was no surprise to see lots of sugary soft drinks flowing amongst the teams.

Once again the Firefly notepads and mobile device screen cleaners were in high demand and proved to be welcome gifts for those groups preparing for their final presentations. In no time at all the announcement was made to gather in the main hall for the final to begin.