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Firefly 6 is here!

We're really pleased to announce the arrival of Firefly 6! 

Firefly 6 was created hand-in-hand with teachers, students and parents, to help us build a tool that will better support their day-to-day work, and facilitate teaching, learning and collaboration more effectively.

We've talked before about the design principles that guided the work when we first introduced Firefly 6, so here's a run down of what you can actually expect to find when you login and start using Firefly in your school. 

Christmas is coming!

Unless you have been living in a cave located in remote Outer Mongolia, you cannot help but be aware that Christmas is fast approaching.

I took it upon myself to bake the family christmas cake. This was not an inconsequential undertaking, my Mother’s christmas cakes being legendary - not least for the fact that it wasn’t safe to drive a car or operate heavy machinery after a slice.

Apron donned, I surveyed the kitchen with a certain degree of trepidation. Where to start? Well, I’ve watched Bake Off, how hard can it be?